We offer you the right tools for your business and individual accounting needs, which gives you more time to focus on your business while we worry about the numbers. GoBusiness is the industry leader in business accounting solutions and is proficient in tackling challenging projects.

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It takes more than one person to run a business, even a small business. Delegating workload to different employees is based on their specialties and experience. However, not all businesses choose to hire full-time employees when they can outsource the same workload to a third party.

Accounting & Bookkeeping package:

While the SARS will demand an official financial statement from your company for the purpose of taxation, you will be able to predict the outcome more accurately if you have access to detailed balance sheets over time. With our services, you can keep an eye out for trends in your company's business and be more confident in the amount of taxes you'll be expected to pay at the end of the fiscal year.


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